Parent Involvement

Children benefit from a good connection between school and home. In fact, a good relationship with parents gives us a better understanding of what a child needs. We cannot shape our education without the help of parents.
Cooperation with parents at school can be very practical. It may be in the form of reading support or parents who come to "pick lice". We also often need parents on our outings. Parents can help in the classroom with, for example, crafts or can be invited as specialists for themes.
Involvement at home of parents in learning at school contributes greatly to the development (and learning success) of children. It is especially important that parents talk with their children about themes and support with schoolwork.
This means that school should inform parents well about education. Teachers therefore send regular updates on what is happening in the classroom and the Parro app is used to share nice moments in the group with parents.
In addition to group-specific information, once every two weeks parents receive a parent newsletter with general information about the school.
Conversations with teacher/parent and child
We find conversations at school with parent and child very valuable. Therefore, we create a number of fixed moments per year when these conversations take place for all students. Each school year starts with a start interview. This conversation is to get acquainted with the child and the parent(s). Portfolio meetings are held twice a year. 
Parent portal
In addition to the portfolios, parents have access to the parent portal of our student monitoring system Parnassys. Parents receive a login code by email. Parents who have lost their login code can contact the director
Go to the parent portal.