Kindercampus Zuidas is internationally oriented. This means that in the education we offer, we emphasize that the way we shape our lives in the Netherlands is not the only way. That is why we celebrate various feasts and why we look at history not only from a Western perspective.
Through this type of education, children realize that they are connected with the rest of the world. When you leave the Kindercampus you are a real world citizen.

Language-friendly school
De Kindercampus is certified as a language-friendly school. A language-friendly school means that all languages are welcome. We encourage the use of home languages. There is usually a child or team member at Kindercampus who speaks your home language.


Our students may use their home language at school. We make room for home languages as part of the learning process. We encourage all students to develop their entire language repertoire, including dialects and accents. We offer instruction in the home languages present to the extent possible. All home languages present are visible in our classrooms and we have a multilingual, English and Dutch library.


We promote written, oral, sign language and all other forms of communication to encourage inclusion. From grade 1, we speak both Dutch and English with all children and instruction takes place in both languages. Every staff member speaks at least Dutch and English. In addition, some team members also speak Arabic, Russian, Romanian, French or Ukrainian.