Dear parent/guardian,

Welcome to BSO Kindercampus Zuidas
With great enthusiasm, we started our new BSO Kindercampus Zuidas. The BSO is part of our future IKC. 


About BSO Kindercampus Zuidas
From the Kindercampus Zuidas, we want to provide education and care to children in a continuous line.

Our mission is to create an inspiring and safe environment where children can grow, learn and be themselves. We strive to be a place where every child is valued and respected, where curiosity is sparked, creativity is encouraged and diversity is embraced. Our core values ​​form the basis of everything we do. We believe in the importance of encouraging curiosity, creativity and self-confidence in children, and we strive to support their development in all areas. By focusing on fun, discovery and development, we strive to have a positive impact on the life of every child in our care. All this in a continuous line with the school.

To achieve our goal, we start BSO Kindercampus Zuidas with an initial 16 child places. In future we will expand to multiple groups. When furnishing, we invest in materials that contribute to the optimal development of children. We commit ourselves to a sustainable relationship with parents and children, in which open and transparent communication is central.

The pedagogical policy plan of BSO Kindercampus Zuidas forms the basis for the pedagogical actions within our after-school care and is in line with the school's pedagogical policy. This plan describes the vision, goals and principles that we use when raising and guiding children between the ages of 4 and 12. It is the guideline for our pedagogical staff to create a safe, stimulating and respectful environment in which children can develop and have fun.


Location & opening

Our BSO is located in the Kindercampus Zuidas primary school at Antonio Vivaldistraat 15 in Amsterdam. We started with 1 vertical group with a maximum of 16 children aged 4-12 years. youngest children, who are not yet in care, are given priority. We hope to expand during the year.


Our National Childcare Register (LRK) is: 290500680.


Opening hours
During regular school days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Friday in the future) from 2:15 PM - 6:30 PM


During holidays/study days and schedule-free days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Friday in the future) from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm
We are closed on all generally recognized holidays.

Our care package and rate
We offer a 51 week package consisting of:

40 per week

11 vacation weeks

We offer this package at an hourly rate of 9.38 per hour.

In addition, BSO Kindercampus Zuidas is open during primary school study days or when lessons are not given for other reasons. These days are part of the total care package.

Register and registration link
Have you become enthusiastic, do you not yet have after-school care and are you still looking for a nice after-school care for your child(ren)? Then register via this link

Our National Childcare Register (LRK) is: 290500680 


After registration we will contact you as soon as possible if we have a place available.

Via the you will be kept informed of developments surrounding the BSO.


If you have any questions or comments, please ask them via: bso[at]


We hope to welcome you to our BSO soon!